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Artist Miguel Paredes

Paredes, a New York native, is an Urban Realist who combines cutting-edge techniques of street art, pop art and Japanese animation to create his own genre of trend-forward pieces. Drawing inspiration from pop icons such as his own mentor Ronnie Cutrone, Andy Warhol’s immediate assistant at The Factory during the notorious pop artist’s most productive and prestigious years.


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Roller Girl NFT

Roller Girl is a limited edition 1 of 1 NFT Collection with original tracks, rotating skates, background movements & blinking eye drop available in 8 different colors by Renowned Artist Miguel Paredes. Available March 9 at 3:33Pm EST/ .16 ETH Only 8 available in the collection!

Crypto Space Girlz

SOLD OUT COLLECTION: Crypto Space Girlz is a limited edition NFT Drop by Artist Miguel Paredes. Available Today February 22nd at 3:30Pm EST/ .15 ETH Only 7 available in the collection!

In life 

Creativity takes courage

Paredes has created his own unique and explosive style. His combination of street graffiti, landscape and pop art have propelled his crossover from street walls, during his days as a student at the prestigious Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Music and Art in the ‘80s, to becoming a highly regarded creator of fine decorative art, prized by collectors from Los Angeles to Seoul.

Paredes, now Miami-based, has become one of the local arts’ scenes most prosperous artists. Paredes is the first Miami-Dade resident to ever receive simultaneous proclamations from the City of Miami Beach and Village of Pinecrest honoring his artistic donation to the Miami Design Preservation League’s Art Deco Welcome Center and support of historic preservation, devotion to the city and positive impact on the community. Paredes continues to make his mark by further expanding his inspirational environment while simultaneously showcasing his works at local, national and international shows.

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