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Master of invention

American artist Miguel Paredes is widely recognized internationally and has a considerable oeuvre of painting, sculpture and hand-drawn digital work of such quality and scope it is necessary to constantly re-evaluate its importance and not allow any one medium, style, or even marketplace to overshadow the prolific and precise sense of his invention.

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Paredes spends months developing and painting multiple series simultaneously and his literal desire to always "get the best of himself" succeeds in making each cycle into something very new, fresh and endowed with a full shot of attitude. He is a Hip-hop and Anime fuelled pioneer who integrates the spirit of urban America with a distinctly Latin American flavor. He is a dissembler of new ideas, a charismatic and spontaneous creator who works harder than everyone around him to turn up the volume and re-enchant the possible. He is making art on steel, stone and marble, on thin-screened light displays, on canvas and paper, and he is sculpting and producing collectible toys. Paredes is the shape of his life experiences and it has made him a more powerful force than any singular effect ever could.

Miguel Paredes draws the viewer into a never ending interaction with the canvas immersing the viewer in a phenomenal visual experience as well as a rich inner journey about Time and memory. He paints magnificent images that create an atmosphere of questioning and mystery. Like a great chef, Paredes "sweats the vegetables" to entreat a complete palette, an actual essence, where you can feel the moisture, sense the darkness, hear the Salsa, and smell the streets. The transvestite, the needle park junkie, the neighbors who hang out windows shouting into the streets and the sweet young lovers are sensual textures, vividly decorated by an artist liberated from using only one style because of his mastery of so many techniques.

Regardless of his unquenchable appetite for new mediums, Miguel Paredes remains a problem-oriented artist who never seeks an off the peg solution. He embraces analysis and expression, values and admires talent, extracts by association and story, and always elects to return to the heart of what he does best: engaging his viewer. Once Paredes grabs you it is almost impossible to stop looking, to stop seeing the many subtleties, the slang, and the authentic force of his accomplishments as a painter.