Sponsoring Opportunities


Sponsorship of a Miguel Paredes Exhibit is a unique opportunity with substantial promotional and advertising returns for corporate and trade partners. As one of South Florida's most charismatic and critically acclaimed contemporary artists, Miguel Paredes' art is a fertile cross-roads of style, pop culture, new technology and innovative thinking. His sophisticated and hip openings, receptions and exhibitions are dynamic cultural events.

A Paredes event guarantees a large, targeted response from his ever expanding and deeply loyal base of collectors and admirers. In addition, the broad and diverse range of new marketplaces and stakeholders he attracts are providing sponsors and investors with record growing attendance among an affluent local, national and international demographic of civic and community leaders; music, design and hospitality principals; celebrities; and business entrepreneurs in the under 35 age group.

If you would like to learn more about how your brand and product can receive prime exposure and placement at an upcoming event, exhibit, or pop-up gallery enterprise please contact Miguel Paredes at mig@miguelparedes.com.

For Appointments
Please call Miguel @ 305.219.6688
Email: mig@miguelparedes.com